About Us

We are Jordanian Company and registered in Iraq in Department of Registrar of Foreign Companies, and has a representative office in Baghdad by No. 13889 on 21/5/2009.

– We have a long experience in investment in public transportation, general trade, contract and clearance of goods. Our achievements and activities are continuing to serve the Iraqi economy and the public interest according to our great proven capabilities in terms of specialized staff and diverse special machineries , where was some achievements are represented in many projects to serve Iraq.

– Despite the new establishment of the company, but we supported our capabilities by special cadre of experienced and high efficiency staff. The company is managed by a team of professionals who are specialized  in the fields of work.

– Some of our achievements are represented in the major projects that are  supporting the Iraqi economy through Iraqi ministries. Through what has been achieved , our position was proved and strongly confirm that our company is standing on solid ground that enables us to carry out the big contracts.